शासन मान्यता सी. एस. डब्ल्यू. 1094/574/प्र. क्र. 160/ सुधार 1 दि.24/8/1994
Unversity Permission Letter No. AU/8/C-322/95. 08/03/1995


Institute Brief History

Established in 1994, Dadasaheb Danaji Nana Chaudhari Colleges of social work, Malkapur is exclusively having a under graduate social work course. Realizing the needs of the district the founder Prof. Dr. Ramakant Kolte who himself is a well known academician and a eminent writer in Marathi decided to introduce such a course that shall help the local area and the students to opt for the admissions for the post graduate courses from the institutions of national repute.

Mr. Rajendrasingh Dixit who had started working in the district took charge of the institution with the idea of strengthening the basic professional qualities in the students and initiating some need based field actions by own interventions or with the help of local NGO’s and government departments in the district. It is really praiseworthy to note that the DDNC, inspite of its non grant status for almost 14 years, Could continue to spread the educational atmosphere in the area.

Maximum job placement of the students or admissions to good academic institutions its active participation in the social activities by way of Field Action projects or support to the leading NGOS could only achieve such status. To point out some of the major achievements of the institution are the responding to major national calamity named Gajralearth quake the organisation of three state level seminars in 1996, 1998 and 2005 respectively titled as "State level Artist conterence", Social Work Education & profession in 21 century, Disaster Management , The othes are Training in P.R.A enterpreneurship, skill lab Research methodology workshop etc could help the faculty and the students in capacity building.

With the beginning in the small campus, today the DDNC is having a bigger campus of six acres with a good building and a playground. It is having a project office at the old campus with Wifi facility for the students and the staff of DDNC as well. Most of the members having had a sound field experience are doing their doctoral research in the area of their interest. To sum up, it is the vision of the management with strong ethical support all the teaching and non teaching members with the acquaintance of various skills are contributing ruthlessly for the betterment of the institute. After all DDNC believes that the commitment cannot be caught within the four walls but it should be caught outside the four walls that shall help an individual in developing a vision for better tomorrow.

Our Mission

While developing the professional capacities of the students the institute shall facilitate the user group in achieving their objectives so that they make the best possible use of their resources for their development and the just society.

Students having rural and from tribal background along with their hardship, inspite of all odds shall be helped to develop scientific outlook and the needed skills so that they in their future shall intermingle in the societal life, study the local needs and issues for changing their surrounding world. The institute shall provide all the possible facilities for developing a sensitive professional in them.

Our Vision

Provide access to higher education to all segments of the society.

  1. To produce a cadre of professional Social worker with value based Social Work Education to promote Competent human functioning so to serve the mankind and establish global peace and prosperity.
  2. To develop worthy citizens with required moral values, Professional knowledge, skills and positive frame of mind.
  3. To sensitize the student, communities on the social realities to prepare them to adequately respond to those realities.
  4. To promote employment, self-employment opportunities for the rural srudents by imparting education in various job oriented Fields of Social Work at UG level.
  5. To promote awareness among the Urban, Rural & Tribal people about their rights & obligations.