शासन मान्यता सी. एस. डब्ल्यू. 1094/574/प्र. क्र. 160/ सुधार 1 दि.24/8/1994
Unversity Permission Letter No. AU/8/C-322/95. 08/03/1995

Principal’s Message

Success Comes to those , who work hard. And stays with those , who don’ t rest on the laurels of the past. And We have been a standing example for reaching success and sustaining it. The objective of college of social work is to prepare graduates students at different levels to be effective agents for change as they strive to enhance the quality of life for the individuals , groups , Communities , and organizations they serve. While the College is driven by its value base to promote human right , social justice , and social change , the program me , through its distinguished faculty educates the students for practice using the profession’s latest research and most current practice the college is particularly proud of its graduate students ranking in the university. The College of social work , Malkapur is one of the best among the social work colleges in Amravati University